Rapid lease monetization program

Rapid Lease Monetization Program

New program gives landlords access to long-term cash payments in a lump sum.

money iconLump sum cash payout
Receive immediate access to cash as quickly as 30 days from time of agreement. Our competitive offers allow you to maximize the value of your lease and use of funds to accomplish short- and long term-goals.

reciept iconTax efficiency
Leases that have been active for more than 12 months may qualify for long-term capital gains, which can significantly reduce the tax burden of monthly payments subject to regular income tax rules.*

shield iconDe-risk income
With long-term market uncertainty at an all-time high, transferring risk to Eco-Site provides the opportunity for a more secure investment vehicle, likely yielding better returns than current lease parameters allow.

With Eco-Site, landlords can feel confident working with a trusted partner who understands their unique circumstance and can ensure a smooth, stable closing process. Participating in the Rapid Lease Monetization Program is an easy, three-step process, with no changes in day-to-day processing or complicated paperwork.

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*We are not tax attorneys, and this is not tax advice. Landlords are advised to consult a tax professional.

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