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Eco-Site has developed and repurposed countless sites for wireless densification. We have seen firsthand the immense challenges faced by carriers to meet the ever-increasing need for wireless coverage. In urban cores, the issue is critical and complicated. In these highly populated areas, multiple interests are at stake: local communities, landowners and government bodies as well as carrier and technological requirements. Each problem presented to us is unique, requiring individual, customized solutions—and we gladly accept the challenge. Our case studies give a glimpse into the Eco-Site experience. See what we’ve done, and imagine what we can do for you.

Philadelphia, PA





In Philadelphia, Eco-Site partnered with the city council to find possible cell-site locations to improve urban network coverage. After considering the needs of all parties involved, we identified and secured an abandoned piece of property on Chalmers Avenue. Along with being ideally located for densification, developing this lot also offered benefits to the city and the surrounding community.

An abandoned piece of property collects no tax revenue. The Chalmers lot had been vacant for years, sitting right across from a Philadelphia Water Department office in a densely populated commercial-residential neighborhood. As a result of the Eco-Site purchase, the city now receives taxes on the parcel.

Eco-Site received community feedback that led to the transformation of this former eyesore into a neighborhood asset, complete with benches, open space and a garden. This new wireless facility also provides neighbors and local businesses with access to high-speed broadband connections.

The development allowed national wireless carriers to expand their network to meet customers’ demands for improved coverage. Antennas were added to a 100-foot monopole, improving capacity for up-to-date 4G/LTE technologies. Thanks to our team’s creativity and persistence, the Chalmers lot was transformed from a burden into a profitable community resource. From the city to our neighbors to the wireless carriers—with this solution, everyone wins.
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